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To break off bad relationships and initiate good relationships ~ Yasui-Konpiragu ~

Leaving Hanami-Koji Dori(花見小路通、Hanami-Koji Dori Street)behind, we reached our last destination after walking for a few minutes; Yasui-Konpiragu(安井金比羅宮、Yasui- Konpiragu Shrine).
Since this shrine is located in the middle of a residential area, the entrance was quite hard to find at first, but we decided to trust Goggle Map and continue following it; after making a few turns, we were finally able to see the entrance.
However, be aware that Yasui-Konpiragu has a few different entrances, and the photo is only showing one of them; so if you enter from a different direction, the entrance would look different from what is shown below.

Yasui-Konpiragu started in year 1177, the name of the shrine was different at that time; in year 1695 the shrine was moved to the current location and after the second world war, the name of the shrine was formally changed to Yasui-Konpiragu.
This shrine is called the strongest shrine for breaking off bad relationships (縁切神社, En-kiri Jinjya). It has been famous among ladies and many people would visit here to break off bad relationships and to further initiate good relationships. Relationships do not only include your boyfriend / girlfriend, wife / husband, or partner; it could also be your relationships with your coworkers, friends, etc, but usually ladies are more into these kind of things, that is why this shrine is more known among females…since women has stronger believes in these things haha

The most famous attraction at Yasui-Konpiragu is the “Power Stone Monument for breaking off bad relationships and initiating good relationships”(縁切り縁結び碑、En-kiri En-musubi Ishi). Many pieces of papers are attached to the stone, these papers are called “Katashiro.” Katashiro are the papers where the owner writes their wishes and the paper becomes like an avatar of the person who wrote the wish, it is used in this shrine for making your wishes come true.
But since so many people have attached their Katashiro on this stone which means this stone is carrying a lot of thoughts…the atmosphere around the stone may not be so nice for some people…so, to worship or not, please decide it for yourself~

The overall way to worship at Yasui-Konpiragu is as following:
First, pay your respect at the main hall, then move forward to the left side of the “Power Stone Monument for breaking off bad relationships and initiating good relationships.”On the left hand side of the stone, you will find a place where there are many Katashiro (paper like) are placed. Take one of the Katashiro and write down your wishes.
Remember to put at least 100 JPY in the offertory box when you pay your respect at the main hall; you can not be cheap when you are asking for a favor.

Once you finish writing your wish, take your Katashiro and repeat your wish in your mind while going from the front of the stone, through the hole in the middle to the back of the stone.
After that, repeat the wish in your mind again and go from the back of the stone, through the hole in the middle to the front one more time.
When you are back into the front of the stone, attach the Katashiro onto the stone and pay respect to the Katashiro again and you will be all set!

Do be aware that the hole in the middle of the stone is quite narrow, so if you are wearing short skirts, pay extra attention when crawling through; it may be better to tie your jacket on your waist.

P.S. Why do you need to crawl through the hole twice?

A: The reason is, to crawl from the front to the back means to break off bad relationships; on the other hand, from back to front means to initiate good relationships. So! please make sure not to only crawl through it once! Also, if you do not have enough space to write down your wish, you can also use the back side of your Katashiro.

Because Yasui-Konpiragu is famous for breaking and initiating relationships, the wishes writte on the Katashiro and Ema(絵馬、Ema charms)may be quite “interesting” to see…you’ll see how dark someone’s mind could be lol
For anyone who is interested, you can always take a look. There may be ones written in English as well since there have been more foreign visitors these days.

But don’t worry! Yasui-Konpiragu is not only a shrine for breaking relationships with people, it can also help you cut off relationships with diseases! A lot of young people would come here to pray for recovery for their parents and family members.
Some people may also visit to pray for success in loosing weight! It is like cutting off the relationships with the you in the past and make a new start.
In the same sense, it is also a shrine for opening up good luck for you, since you will be cutting off the relationship of the you who has had bad lucks in the past.
For couples who are happily together, if you are linked up with good relationships, your relationship would not be break off, instead, it will make your relationships even stronger than before.

Sorry to be going on for so long with only two photos…but Yasui-Konpiragu is a shrine that is worth a visit~
It is located very close to Hanami-Koji Dori, and it does not take much time to look around or pay your respect at this shrine; for anyone who is interested, you should stop by when you visit this area!

Visited 2016/04


  • Address: 70, Shimobentencho,Higashio-ji Matsubara Agaru, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0823, Japan(〒605-0823 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Shimobentenchō, 東町大路松原上る下弁天町70)
  • Access: Gion Shijo station, walking 10 minutes / Kawaramachi station walking 15 minutes / Kenninji Temple, walking 5 minutes / Yasakajinja Shrine, walking 10 minutes
  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours. Open all year. The “Power Stone Monument for breaking off bad relationships and initiating good relationships” and “Katashiro” charms are available at any time, but the reception desk where you can buy Ema and amulets are open from 09:00 to 17:30.
  • Time needed: About 10 to 15 minutes
  • Webstie: Yasui-Konpiragu (English version available)
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