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The most spectacular winter illumination in Tokyo ~Yomiuriland Jewellumination~

Yomiuriland (よみうりランド, Yomiuri-rando) is an amusement park in Tokyo, Japan, which was opened in 1964. It can be reached in about 30 minutes from Shinjuku station. Even though it is near the city center, it has a very wide ground!
Winter illuminations at Yomiuriland_1

And starting in 2010, you can enjoy magnificent winter illuminations at Yomiuriland every year! 💡
Winter illuminations at Yomiuriland_2

The light ups of the illumination usually are available from November to February. But due to its high popularity, the starting time are getting earlier, so it is worth checking the website for the most updated information!
Winter illuminations at Yomiuriland_3

With its wide grounds, Yomiuriland has many different areas for its customers to enjoy, with different styles of illuminations!
Winter illuminations at Yomiuriland_4

You can take your time to enjoy all of them~ you can even choose to come in the morning and first enjoy the amusement park itself and after sunset, you can start enjoying the illumination 👍🏻
Winter illuminations at Yomiuriland_5Winter illuminations at Yomiuriland_6Winter illuminations at Yomiuriland_7

At Yomiuriland, even at night time, you can also find many food stands for you to enjoy food and drinks while enjoying the pretty lights~
Nagasaki pork burger_1

This is a special pork burger from Nagasaki prefecture
Nagasaki pork burger_2

Other than the burger, we also had the baked rice cake, Mitsu-fuku dango (三福だんご) from Mt. Takao (高尾山).
Baked rice cake from Mt. Takao_1Baked rice cake from Mt. Takao_2

Enjoying delicious hot food in the cold along with the beautiful illumination ~ it is definelty worth a try 😋
Winter illuminations at Yomiuriland_8

Visited 2016/11

Information for Yomiuriland (よみうりランド, Yomiuri-rando)

〒206-8725 東京都稲城市 矢野口4015-1
Keio-Yomiuriland station (京王よみうりランド), Keio Soma Line:
  • 5 to 10 minutes by Yomiuriland ropeway, Sky shuttle.
  • 5 minutes by Odakyu Bus.
Yomiuriland-Mae station (読売ランド前), Odakyu Odawara line, 10 minutes by Odakyu Bus.
Opening hours
  • Opening time and days would vary, please check the calendar on the homepage [The website is being translated automatically, so there may be some mistakes in the translations].
  • Yomiuriland Jewellumination (illumination show) for 2017 starts from October 12th, 2017
The price of the ticket could range from 1,800 JPY to 5,400 JPY depending on the types of ticket you buy. There are one day passes with or without attraction fees or you might passes, etc. During the illumination there may be different type of tickets or special price tickets.
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