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Strolling down the streets of the offshore island of Kanagawa ~Enoshima~ Part 3

After visiting the Enoshima Sea Candle, we continue on towards to the Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘).
In part 3, we will Introduce spots between No. 17 and 20.

Source: Enoshima Jinjya

Exiting the Enoshima Sea Candle and Samuel Cocking garden, you’ll find yourself walking down a few flights of stairs. There are many thrilling views on the way to Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘).

After walking for a while you’ll find the entrance for the Okutsumiya (奧津宮), it is the last shrine of Enoshima Shrine.
Okutsumiya (奧津宮)Okutsumiya (奧津宮)

After passing through the shrine, you’ll find the entrance of Lover’s hill (恋人の丘), where the Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘) is.
Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘)Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘)

Lover’s hill is as it’s name, a place famous for couples to visit. Ryuren no Kane in Japanese, Ryu = dragon, Ren = love, and Kane = bell. Since the hill has a famous tale of the fairy and a five headed dragon, that is why it’s called the “Dragon’s love bell.”
At Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘), the couple will ring the bell then put a lock, with their name written, on the fence; It is believed that the couple’s love will last forever. You’ll find the stores on Enoshima selling different type of locks and you can also bring your own.
Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘)Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘)

You’ll be able to see all kind of locks and other things on the fence 💦Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘)

By the way, there is also a place in front of the bell where you can set your phone or camera to take a picture of you / you both / you all ringing the bell.

After visiting the Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘), you can walk along the road toward the shore.

You’ll find yourself so close to the ocean just within a short walk. It felt like you were just at the top of Enoshima and after a few steps you have reached the bottom of the island!

Actually there is a cave, Enoshima Iwaya (江の島岩屋), in the back of this road which is famous for visitors, but we did not have enough time to visit last time, we will introduce it when we visit next time 👍🏻

From the shore you can walk back to the bridge, Enoshima Benten Bashi (江ノ島弁天橋) but you can also choose to take the sightseeing boat.

It only takes 10 minutes from here with an amazing view of Enoshima!

The sightseeing boat’s name is Benten-maru (べんてん丸)

This is the operation route map:

Source: Benten-maru

At the shore you’ll see signs and directions for where you can board the boat.

And since the way going back to the Enoshima Benten Bashi has many stairs and hills going up, we decided to take the easy way 😆

You’ll pay right before the boat and receive a ticket looking like this
Ticket for Benten-maru

There are both indoor and outdoor seats, if you board early enough you can choose to sit outdoor on a good weather day to enjoy the nice ride and nice view of Enoshima at the same time!!

Visited 2016/07

Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘)

  • Address: 〒251-0036 Kanagawa-ken, Fujisawa-shi, Enoshima, 2 Chome−2−5
  • Access: Katase-Enoshima station (片瀬江ノ島駅), 25 minutes on foot / Enoshima station (江ノ島駅), 35 minutes on foot / Shōnan-Enoshima Station (湘南江の島駅), 35 minutes on foot
  • Opening hours: Around 9am to sunset
  • Fees: Free for entry
  • Website: Ryuren no Kane (龍恋の鐘)

Sightseeing boat Bentenmaru (べんてん丸)

  • Address: 〒251-0036, 2 Chome-6-22 Enoshima, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken 251-0036
  • Access: Katase-Enoshima station (片瀬江ノ島駅), 30 minutes on foot / Enoshima station (江ノ島駅), 40 minutes on foot / Shōnan-Enoshima Station (湘南江の島駅), 40 minutes on foot
  • Route: Enoshima Benten Bashi – Chigogafuchi(江の島弁天橋-稚児ヶ淵)
  • Operating hours: Irregular operation
  • Fees: Adults(middle school and above) for 400 JPY (one way) / Children(6 years and above) 200 JPY (one way) / Under 6 years old go free
  • Website: Sightseeing boat Bentenmaru
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