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Hasedera Temple ~Enjoying hydrangeas in the summer in Kamakura~

Other than the famous Meigetsu-in temple, Hasedera temple is also a famous spot to view hydrangeas in Kamakura.
At Hasedera temple you can see all kinds of different types of hydrangeas blooming in various colors. In the back of the temple, you can see a whole hill of hydrangeas✨

For the visitors to better enjoy the hydrangeas, Hasedera limits the number of people that can enter the main route for hydrangea viewing. So when there is a lot of visitors, you will receive a number ticket along with your entrance ticket.
Entrance tickets for Hasedera Temple

They also have paper fans for you to use while waiting in the heat.
Paper fans at Hasedera Temple

Hasedera also offers pamphlets in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
pamphlets at Hasedera Temple

Going up to the entrance of the main route for hydrangea viewing, you will find the main halls of Hasedera and many open areas.
At the open areas, you can see A LOT of people waiting for their turns.
open area of Hasedera

There is a huge board showing the numbers and the approximately waiting time. From there you can see how long you would have to wait to enter.
Open area of Hasedera

While waiting you can enjoy the views from Hasedera. The temple is located on a hill so from there you can see the Kamakura city from above, along with the ocean of Yuigahama.
Views from Hasedera Temple

You can also look around the temple itself~the grounds of Hasedera is actually quite big to explore!
buddhas in Hasedera TempleBuddha footprint in Hasedera Temple

And a nice thing is that as long as you have your tickets and number tickets with you, you can actually go outside of Hasedera temple and return to enter the main route for hydrangea viewing👍🏻
Just remember to come back in time~
Hasedera Temple

When you finally enter the main area for hydrangea viewing, you will see a magnificent view in front of you.
Hydrangeas at Hasedera Temple

There are more than 40 types and about 2,500 trees of hydrangeas in Hasedera for its visitors to enjoy!
Hydrangeas at Hasedera TempleHydrangeas at Hasedera Temple

You can enjoy the hydrangeas with the ocean
Hydrangeas at Hasedera TempleHydrangeas at Hasedera Temple

And the hydrangeas with the temple.
Hydrangeas at Hasedera Temple

There are so many of them that you don’t even know where you should look!
Your will probably be taking pictures non stop as well 😆

When visiting Hasedera, remember to look for the cute little buddhas as well~
Buddhas at Hasedera TempleBuddhas at Hasedera Temple

They will definetly bring smiles to your face anytime 😊

Visited 2016/06

Information for Hasedera (長谷寺)

Japan, 〒248-0016 Kanagawa-ken, Kamakura-shi, Hase, 3 Chome−11−2
  • Enoden (江ノ電), Hase station, 5 minutes on foot
  • Taking a bus from Kamakura station, Hasekannon station, 5 minutes on foot
Opening hours
  • March ~ September: 08:00~17:00 (Door closes at 17:30)
  • October ~ February: 08:00~16:30 (Door closes at 17:00)
Flowers’ blooming period
  • Usually starts blooming in early June, it would be fully bloom during mid June to end of June
  • Can be enjoyed until around mid July
  • Adult (Middle-School and above): 300 JPY
  • Elementary school student: 100 JPY
Cash Only
Hasedera (Available in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplify Chinese)
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