About Kamakura

Kmakura, along with Nara and Kyoto, was one of the old cities which has been the center of Japan in the past. It is a city where Kamakura Shogunate was born and is famous for its culture of samurai. Other than that, it also has many famous temples and shrines which you can visit. One of the famous temples has the nick name Hydrangea temple because in the summer the temple will be covered by thousands of beautiful blue Hydrangea. The temple’s official name is Meigetsu-in. Along with Meigetsu-in, you can also find Tsuruoka Hachimangu, the Great Buddha of Kotoku-in, and many other heritage sites of Japan. Kamakura is not only full of cultures; it is also filled with interesting and trendy stores and restaurants for you to choose from.

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