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Cat lovers’ paradise ~MoCHA Cat Café Harajuku~

There are many different types of “cafes” in Japan; including Bird cafe, Hammock cafe, Owl cafe, and etc.
The cafe we are going to introduce this time is Cat cafe~ it’s been popular in Japan since a few years ago but the popularity never gone away and even went up in recent years!
There are more and more cat cafes opening around Japan and the one we visited is called MoCHA, a famous cat cafe chain.

This Cat cafe was opened in Ikebukuro in February of 2015, after that, they continue opening new cafes around main tourist spots; it is a chain store that is growing rapidly.
As of now, MoCHA have opened their Cat cafes at Ikebukuro West Exit, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro East Exit, and Akihabara; they are also planing to open two more new stores at Harajuku Takeshita Dori street and Osaka Shinsaibashi this month.

The store we went to this time is the MoCHA Harajuku store which opened in March 2016.
It’s location is perfect, it is about 0 minutes on foot from Harajuku station and Meiji-Jingu Mae station.

It is located on the 4th floor in a building near the station, the entrance looks like this:
MoCHA Cat Café

If it is raining, the board on the first floor may not be displayed, but you can also find their sign on the floor information of the building:
MoCHA Cat Café

This is the look of the entrance once you exit the elevator:
MoCHA Cat Café

    The steps for getting in the store are:
  1. Pay at the cashier first. You need to decide how long you’re planning to stay (it is 200JPY every 10 minutes); when you leave the cafe, of the time goes longer than planned, they will charge the extra again.
  2. Once you finish paying, take off your shoes, put them in the shoe cases, was your hand and you are ready to enter.

For anyone who have paid for the Drink Bar (means you can drink as much as you’d like), the machines are outside of the room where the cats are. You can bring your drinks inside, just be careful while being around the cats.

You’ll see an iPad on your left hand side right after you enter the room; it has all the names, breeds, and Birthday of the cats listed on there.
MoCHA Cat Café

In every store of MoCHA, the interior is quite unique; and you could find a big tree in most of the stores, it is for the cats to climb up and down.
MoCHA Cat Café

MoCHA Harajuku is located at the cross road near Harajuku station, it has a big ceiling window in the store but the curtains would be pulled down during the afternoon when the sun shines directly into the store.
MoCHA Cat Café

This tree makes the cat happy and it also makes the guest happy when taking pictures~ because it is really cute.
You can sit around at any place you like and enjoy the atmosphere.
MoCHA Cat Café

But most people are busy taking pictures of course!
Because there are too many cute cats in the store!
MoCHA Cat Café

Cute even when they are sleeping!
MoCHA Cat CaféMoCHA Cat Café

Other than the big tree in the middle of the room, you can also see many small designs that are made for the cats to move around freely.
For example, the cages hanged on the ceilings around the room.
MoCHA Cat Café

You can see some cats enjoy sleeping in the cages.
MoCHA Cat Café

Other than that, the store also provides some toys for you to play with the cats.
MoCHA Cat Café

Blankets for your legs and also for the cats; many of the cats like lying down on the blankets, so if you use the blankets, maybe some cats will come to you.
MoCHA Cat Café

​​MoCHA Harajuku takes really good care of the store and the cats, the room is very clean with no smell of animals, you won’t find furs all over the floor. Not only that, the cats look well groomed and healthy; I believe the other locations are doing the same.
A nice surrounding allows both the guests and the cats to enjoy and relax, which is very nice.
MoCHA Cat CaféMoCHA Cat CaféMoCHA Cat CaféMoCHA Cat CaféMoCHA Cat CaféMoCHA Cat Café

​Other than playing and taking pictures of the cats, you can also feed them.
Cat snacks are sold during 11:00 and 18:00. Each plate is 500 JPY.
If you buy the cat snacks, the staff will take out a big piece of cloth to put on the floor for you to feed the cat, it prevents the food from stopping in the floor, which is quite clever.

Once the cloth is placed in the floor, the smart cats already know what is coming, so they have already gathered around before the snacks were prepared!
MoCHA Cat Café

Every pair of eyes are staring at the snack in the customer’s hand, it is very funny~
MoCHA Cat Café

All the cats woke up, even the ones that were all in their dreams.
MoCHA Cat Café

We were lucky to get a chance to see someone feeding the cats~ we didn’t have to pay but were able to get the photos!
We went there in the late afternoon, so by the time we were about to leave, the sun wasn’t shining into the store anymore, so the curtains were pulled up.
You can see that this store is really located at a nice position; you can see the famous Yoyogi stadium and Yoyogi park / Meiji-Jingu Shrine’s garden from the cafe.
MoCHA Cat Café

Last, let’s share a cat that’s sleeping like a big daddy​
MoCHA Cat Café

​In order to keep the cats healthy and the guests safe, do remember to follow the cafe’s rules when visiting; for example, not to pick the cats up, frighten them, or use flashlights when taking pictures.
At the same time, MoCHA only allows guests older than middle school to enter.

There are a few other rules set by the cafe, please remember to check the details on their website before visiting.

Visited 2016/06


  • Address: Cross Avenue Harajuku 4F, Jingūmae 1 Chome 14-25, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 〒150-0001 (〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区Jingūmae, 1 Chome−14, 神宮前1-14-25 クロスアベニュー原宿 4F)
  • Access: Harajuku station / Meiji-Jingu Mae station, 0 minutes on foot
  • Opening Hours: The opening hour varies among the stores; most of them are either opened from 10:00 – 20:00 or 10:00 – 22:00. MoCHA Harajuku is opened between 10:00 – 20:00; last entry is 19:30. Opens everyday.
  • Budget: 200 JPY every 10 minutes / All you can drink Drink bar 350 JPY / Cat snacks 500 JPY per plate
  • Payment: Cash only
  • Website: Cat Café MoCHA (English version available)
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