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Amami ~ Enoshima’s famous rice bowl

When visiting Enoshima area, if you are wondering what to have for lunch or dinner, we will definitely recommend Nama Shirasu Don (生しらす丼) or Kamaage Shirasu Don (釜揚げしらす丼).

As from the previous Enoshima blog, you will realize that Enoshima area is very famous for Shirasu, which is whitebait; you will see all kinds of snacks / food make with shirasu or added with shirasu.

Usually you will find cooked shirasu, but during certain seasons, you will find fresh shirasu which are used to make Nama Shirasu Don (生しらす丼).

Nama means row, Shirasu means whitebait, Don means rice bowl. In order for the restaurants to serve raw whitebaits, the fish have to be very fresh, so most of the time this type of rice bowls are best in summer season because of the fishing season and also the hot weather is perfect for a cold rice bowl.

If you are not good at eating raw fish, you can try eating Kamaage Shirasu Don (釜揚げしらす丼) which means boiled whitebait bawl. The shirasu taste softer and saltier than nama shirasu.

There are some famous restaurants that sell both types of rice bowls along with more menu for you to choose from.
The restaurant we visited last time is called Amami (天海).

​This restaurant is located on the main street of Enoshima, Benzaiten Nakamise Dori (弁財天仲見世通り).
It is a few minutes walk from the main entrance of Enoshima, the blue / green torii.

From the menu, you can see that they are famous for rice bowl menus. The choices range from the famous Nama Shirasu don (生しらす丼) to Tendon (天丼), to Katsu don (かつ丼); you have a lot to choose from, not only fish or raw fish.

Since Shirasu (しらす, Whitebait) is the main attraction in the area, this restaurant have half of their menu which includes Shirasu. On the right of the menu, it is all the rice bowls arranged with sashimi (刺身 / さしみ) and shirasu. On the menu it also says that if nama shirasu is not available due to the fishery situation or the weather, etc, the rice bowls will be served with the boiled shirasu instead of the raw ones.

During January to Mid – March the whitebait fishery is closed, so you should avoid during these months. The peak seasons are April, May, July, and October. The best season that I would recommend is summer time!!

And on that hot summer day, perfect hot weather and right in the middle of the best season for shirasu, we of course ordered the Nama Shirasu Don!!
A single order of the Nama Shirasu Don is 850 JPY. Add some soy sauce before enjoying the dish.
It was very fresh and yummy~recommended for a try!
Nama Shirasu Don

This is Kanpachi Shirasu Don (かんぱちしらす丼), Kanpachi is the greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili), it was also a good match with the nama shirasu, the other menus should be as nice as well!
This single order is 1,300 JPY.
Kanpachi Shirasu Don

If you order as a set, the rice bowl will come with a small vegetable dish and a small bowl of miso soup. You can also order the special miso soup cooked with lobster or big clams as well.
The cold rice bowl is a perfect match for the hot summer weather, and since the fishes in Japan are quite fresh, it is nice to have them raw.
You should find a time to try out this restaurant, Amami (天海), when you visit Enoshima.

Visited 2016/07


  • Address: 1 Chome-4-9 Enoshima, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken 251-0036
  • Access: Katase-Enoshima station (片瀬江ノ島駅), 15 minutes on foot / Enoshima station (江ノ島駅), 18 minutes on foot / Shōnan-Enoshima Station (湘南江の島駅), 20 minutes on foot
  • Opening hours: 10:00 to 19:00. Open throughout the year
  • Budget: Range from 850 JPY to 3000 JPY per person
  • Payment: Cash, Credit cards (Visa, Diners)
  • Website: Tenkai (天海) (English) / Tenkai (天海) (Japanese)
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