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A new attraction in Kamakura ~Kamakura Owl’s Forest~

In November, 2015; a new attraction was opened in Kamakura, the Kamakura Owl’s Forest (鎌倉乃フクロウの森).
Owl’s cafe have been popular in Japan in the recent years; it has increased the chance for people to interact with owls, something that would usually be rare.
Other than Owl’s cafe, there is a series of stores called “Owl’s Forest” (フクロウの森), offering people opportunities to interact with owls.
In 2015, this store made its first opening in the Kanto region; the Kamakura Owl’s forest.

Kamakura Owl’s Forest is located on the famous shopping street of Kamakura, Komachi Dori. It is a street leading from Kamakura station to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. The store is located very close to the start of the street; if you’re coming from Kamakura station, the building will be on your right hand side. Kamakura Owl’s Forest is located on the 3rd floor of the building, you’ll see a big sign for it at the front of the building.
Kamakura Owl's Forest

After getting off the elevator, you’ll see the entrance right away. You’ll feel the “forest” even before entering. lol
Kamakura Owl's Forest

The reason why we introduce this place is because the Owl’s Forest is much cheaper than Owl’s cafes, plus! There is NO time limit for staying!!!
Usually Owl’s cafe are paid by the length of time you’re staying and it is not very cheap, but Owl’s Forest is different; they want the guests to enjoy as much time as they’ll like with the Owls.
While visiting, you can touch them, take pictures of them, and if it is not too busy, you could ask to have them put on your hands as well.
The prices of Kamakura Owl’s Forest are:
Adult (From 13 years old): 600 JPY
Child (Up to 12 years old): 400 JPY
Children under 3 years old go free, and no time limit for everyone.

Once entering the store, you’ll see an owl on the right of the cashier right away!
Sadly that he wouldn’t turn this way…so we were only able to get this photo…
Kamakura Owl's Forest

The interior of the store is just like its name, it has a forest look to it; the owls are tied onto a tree or wood, so they wouldn’t be too close to each other or fly away. The settings are much nicer looking than Owl’s cafes; and the photos look nicer as well
Kamakura Owl's Forest

Sometimes when you look up you’ll find a owl on the top of the tree.
Kamakura Owl's Forest

There is a board near each owl, telling us what their names, species, habits, and characters are.
Kamakura Owl's Forest

The information of their names and species can also be found on the website of Kamakura Owl’s Forest.
Kamakura Owl's Forest

While at the Owl’s Forest, guests are free to wonder around, take pictures, and pet the owls. Do remember that the store have a rule which you can only pet the owls with the back of your hands and remember to pet them lightly so the owls wouldn’t dislike it.
Kamakura Owl's Forest

But do remember that owls eat meat…so when you touch them, you should still be careful by yourselves.
Kamakura Owl's Forest

For example…it is obvious that he doesn’t want to be touched…so at these times, don’t try to annoy them 😅
Kamakura Owl's Forest

There are a lot of different species and sizes of owls in the store~ it is definitely worth the price!
Kamakura Owl's ForestKamakura Owl's ForestKamakura Owl's ForestKamakura Owl's ForestKamakura Owl's Forest

Other than owls, you can also see squirrels!
Kamakura Owl's ForestKamakura Owl's ForestKamakura Owl's ForestKamakura Owl's Forest

At Kamakura Owl’s Forest, they actually have a snowy owl, just like Hedwig in Harry Potter….I was looking forward to see it but it was resting on that day so we didn’t get to see 😢

But we did get a lot of photos and enjoyed interacting with the owls~ so it was surely worth the visit!

It is worth stopping by Kamakura Owl’s Forest when visiting Kamakura~ if you don’t have that much time, you don’t have to stay for too long, but if you have time, you can stay as long as you’d like!
Even though Kamakura is famous for its historian and cultural attractions, it also has a lot of new attractions waiting for people to explore 👍🏻

Visited 2016/07


  • Address: 〒248-0006 3F, 2 Chome-10-1 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0006 (〒248-0006 3階, 2 Chome-10-1 Komachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0006)
  • Access: Kamakura station, East exit, 3 minutes on foot.
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 17:30, Opens everyday.
  • Budget: Adult (From 13 years old): 600 JPY / Child (Up to 12 years old): 400 JPY / Children under 3 years old go free, and no time limit for everyone.
  • Payment: Cash only
  • Website: Kamakura Owl’s Forest (鎌倉乃フクロウの森) (Japanese version only)
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